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Who we are

Innovative Scientists

Our institute seeks to illuminate precisely such a chemical basis of cells, creating compounds to control processes in cells such as stem cells (materials for cell control), and further down the road spark cellular processes to create chemical materials (cell-inspired materials).


Scientists running to go beyond their own wildest dreams
and be the one to find the future.

Mineko Kengaku


Pursuing the unelucidated structure of beauty

Professor Kengaku seeks to understand the mechanism behind how the brain is constructed by studying the dynamic movement of developing neurons.

First Author Interview

First authors of recently published papers tell the behind-the-scenes stories not communicated in the manuscripts.

Dr. Sanjog S. Nagarkar

AIST Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Sanjog S. Nagarkar works on synthesis of melting Coordination Polymers (CPs) and their utilization for clean energy applications. Inspired from natural systems the group successfully developed a Coordination Polymer based glass to harvest solar energy.