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Who we are

Innovative Scientists

Our institute seeks to illuminate precisely such a chemical basis of cells, creating compounds to control processes in cells such as stem cells (materials for cell control), and further down the road spark cellular processes to create chemical materials (cell-inspired materials).


Scientists running to go beyond their own wildest dreams
and be the one to find the future.

Jun Suzuki


Observing cell function to research the truth

“My research investigates on biological phenomenon at the cellular level to find mechanisms. I was so happy when I found out how cell functions were regulated...” Suzuki talked cheerfully, looking like a child finding a new game.

First Author Interview

First authors of recently published papers tell the behind-the-scenes stories not communicated in the manuscripts.

Yousuke Katsuda

Assistant Professor at Kumamoto University

DNA contains genetic information necessary for constructing RNA, and the RNA acts as a messenger of the information to make functional proteins in cells. Dr. Yousuke Katsuda and his team found a unique compound named RGB-1 that has high-selectivity for RNA G-quadruplex. His group also reported a new methodology to identify RNA G-quadruplexes in cells.