Program-Specific Professor / PI

Fuyuhiko Tamanoi Fuyuhiko Tamanoi

Research Interest

Nanoparticles and Cancer Therapy

What I like about my science

Cancer research spans from basic science studies to translational approaches. We try to understand mechanism of tumor formation. We also test new therapies inhibiting tumor growth by making use of nanoparticles. We have developed novel types of nanoparticles that release anticancer drugs in response to external cues such as light and magnetic field. Exciting new therapies are being developed recently that will likely change the way cancer treatment is carried out.

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

My family comes from Yanai city in Yamaguchi prefecture but I was born in Sendai and grew up in Tokyo.

Why did you become a researcher?

I was fascinated by a book on molecular biology that I read when I was in high school. We focus on molecular biology of cancer and nanoparticle based therapies.

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

We are interested in investigating molecular mechanisms of tumor formation. This will provide new insight to devise ways to inhibit tumor growth. Two types of animal models are used in our research. One is the chicken egg tumor model that is established by transplanting human cancer cells to the membrane surrounding chicken embryo in a fertilized egg. The other is a mouse xenograft model.

What is your hobby?

A book that impressed me recently is “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” by Siddhartha Mukherjee (Scribner).
My favorite sport is basketball. It's a thrilling game that is decided in the last few seconds.

Nanotechnology discussion at a restaurant in Los Angeles
Nanoparticles that respond to external cues


Fuyuhiko Tamanoi  Program-Specific Professor / PI
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