Professor / PI / Deputy Director

Jun Suzuki Jun Suzuki

Research Interest

Medical Biochemistry, Cell Membrane Biology

Plasma membranes are where recognition of dead cells, cell fusion, and chemicals reaction such as blood coagulation all take place. Mutations in cell membrane-regulating proteins cause a variety of human diseases. In my laboratory, we focus on transmembrane protein regulating plasma membranes and analyze their function in cells and in mice. As a basic research, we try to deeply understand how biological phenomenon related to plasma membranes is regulated and how human diseases occur, and think of how diseases can be cured.

What I like about my science

I am always thinking about what kinds of experimental system need to be designed to answer interesting biological questions. We prefer to conduct our experiments using unbiased screening approaches based on molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. We try to understand biological phenomenon correctly at the molecular level without a preconception.

Researcher Q & A

Where are you from?

Amagaski city, Hyogo, Japan

Why did you become a researcher?

When I studied abroad, I found that research is a global work. Researching biological phenomenon at molecular level fulfills my intellectual curiosity and contributes to understanding human diseases.

What is your favorite experiment, theory, device, reagent, lab equipment? Why do you like it?

I like to perform a screening because I feel I can learn from nature.

What is your hobby?

 I play the bass guitar. When I studied abroad, I enjoyed jam sessions with other people although I could not speak in English well. I especially like Funk, Acid JAZZ, and R&B.


Jun Suzuki  Professor / PI / Deputy Director
Masahiro Maruoka  Program-Specific Assistant Professor




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