May 15, 2024

[New article available] First Author Interview: Dr Yifan Gu

Dr Yifan Gu

A new article has been added to “First Author Interview”. The new interview is with Dr Yifan Gu, Professor at the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, China.

In the series, we invite the first authors of a recently published manuscript for a letter-based interview on their work. In particular, we ask the author to tell us the behind-the-scenes story of their manuscript, as experienced personally by the author but not communicated directly in the manuscript.

Dr Yifan Gu was a program-specific researcher working in iCeMS Susumu Kitagawa Lab before his current position at Tongji University, China. His research mainly focused on the interdisciplinary study of porous and environmental functional materials. He designed a series of new porous coordination polymers with high molecular recognition ability for gases allowing for energy efficient CO2 capture.

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