June 9, 2017

Susumu Kitagawa wins Fujihara Award

iCeMS Director Susumu Kitagawa has been selected to receive the 58th Fujihara Award.

Since 1960, the Award has been given out by the Fujihara Foundation of Science to researchers who have made significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement. Two persons are selected each year from five fields -- Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and Agriculture, and Medicine. Past winners include Nobel laureates Yoshinori Ohsumi and Isamu Akasaki, as well as Fields medalist Shigefumi Mori, who currently serves as KUIAS director-general and distinguished professor.

Kitagawa has developed porous coordination polymers (PCPs), compounds with countless tiny pores. These jungle gym-like materials, made by combining metal ions and organic molecules, permits selective capture and release of gases, opening up new possibilities for the development of methods to store useful gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, remove unwanted gases such as carbon dioxide, and even safely store explosive gases.

Kitagawa was recognized in the 25 May announcement for his development and application of these innovative porous materials and their potential to solve environmental, natural resource, energy, and human health issues -- achievements that not only contribute to scientific progress, but may also lead to the enrichment of society.

The award ceremony will take place 16 June in Tokyo.

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