October 4, 2016

Susumu Kitagawa wins Basolo Award

Director Kitagawa

iCeMS Director Susumu Kitagawa was selected as the recipient of 2016 Basolo Medal.

The Medal is given each year to an inorganic chemist since 1991, jointly by Northwestern University and the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Three Nobel Prize Laureates in chemistry, including Roald Hoffmann, have received this Medal in the past.

This time Kitagawa was honored for his great contribution in the field of inorganic chemistry, especially as a foremost researcher on porous coordination polymers (PCPs).

Kitagawa will give a lecture at the awards ceremony to be held at Northwestern University on October 7.

Fred Basolo (1920-2007): Former President of the American Chemical Society, and a prolific contributor to inorganic chemistry.

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