December 12, 2019

iCeMS Dir Susumu Kitagawa named member of Japan Academy

iCeMS Director Distinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa was appointed as a member of the Japan Academy at the Academy's general meeting held on December 12.

The Japan Academy is an organization that accords special recognition to researchers with the most eminent records of academic and scientific achievement. The Academy's primary purpose is to carry out programs that contribute to the advancement of academic pursuit.

Kitagawa was selected in recognition of his research on the porous coordination polymers (PCPs, also known as metal-organic frameworks; MOFs). He combined metal ions and organic molecules to develop porous materials whose structure can precisely be controlled at nanometer level, and that enabled safe storage and transportation, and effective chemical conversion of gas molecules related to environmental and energy problems.

iCeMS Director Distinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa

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