February 14, 2024

Kyoto-Vienna Joint Workshop 2024

Participants and speakers at the joint workshop

On February 7, iCeMS hosted the Kyoto-Vienna Joint Workshop 2024 on Functional Coordination Compounds. Dr Hiroyasu Tabe of the Horike Group was the main organizer for iCeMS. He welcomed the guests and noted that the relationship between Kyoto University and the University of Vienna (who sponsored the workshop through a grant program) began with the signing of an MOU in 1993. The two institutions entered into a Strategic Partnership in 2019 which aims to strengthen and diversify collaboration across academic disciplines.

The workshop brought together seven speakers from Kyoto University, the University of Vienna, and Taiwan. Three sessions addressed: Coordination compounds for biological applications, CP/MOFs for environmental applications, and Structuralization/structure analysis of CP/MOFs. All of the lectures were followed by enthusiastic questions from the audience which filled the seminar room. Dr Jia Min Chin (Univ of Vienna) gave the final lecture of the day and fielded many questions regarding her team’s research into building macro structures from MOFs using electric fields to control their orientation.

Chin and Dr Michael Reithofer (Univ of Vienna) both encouraged any interested researchers to reach out and get involved at the University of Vienna. Dr Shuhei Furukawa (iCeMS) in closing noted that this was the perfect size for a workshop, as it allowed both focus and breadth while keeping everyone’s energy level high. He also encouraged participants to use this opportunity to make new connections and start new projects.

Dr Hiroyasu Tabe provides a warm welcome to the workshop
Dr Jia Min Chin delivers her lecture