Unlocking Life’s Secrets, Transforming Our Lives

What makes our research here at iCeMS distinctive and uniquely valuable? First we unlock the secrets of life, then mimic these natural mechanisms to fabricate new, unique materials that positively affect how we live our lives.

We can create this groundbreaking science through a convergent approach, combining the stellar talents of scientists with highly diverse, yet wholly complimentary skills: biologists who are fascinated with the key workings of natural life, and materials scientists who are proud of their artisanal skills in creating useful new compounds.

iCeMS is the only Institute in the world that fuses these disciplines in the voyage towards new scientific horizons.

Research Areas

iCeMS is creating a new interdisciplinary academic field by integrating its two major pillars of materials science and cell biology, synergizing them with other fields such as synthesis, engineering, information, and imaging.

Developing Research

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